The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism

The rules of nature govern the universe. We can apply these laws if we take the effort to comprehend them. We can benefit from them. To fly, we can exert force against gravity. We can live better lives by using the understanding that one day we shall die. The pursuit of understanding these fundamental principles has brought together the wisest among us since the dawn of civilization. By understanding them, we may draw more joy and control from our lives in the limited time we have available to us.

These days, this ambition takes the form of the top shelf in the bookstore’s self-help and transformational change aisles. However, almost 2,000 years ago, when similar concepts and ideas would have led to your execution for blasphemy and heresy, were only passed down from a master to student in times of complete confidence.

However, through efforts at preservation and excavation, we are able to gain insight into our philosophical history and a once-proud tradition. This tradition helped us gain a better understanding of the universe and our place in it, facilitated the Italian creative renaissance, had an impact on the American revolutionaries, and is now prevalent in many of today’s personal development publications.

Hermeticism is this tradition.

What is Hermeticism?



The name “Gnosticism” refers to a number of antiquated religious theories and systems that date back to the first and second centuries A.D. The hermetic tradition reflects a non-Christian lineage of Gnosticism. The Corpus Hermetica, or surviving texts of hermeticism, is a collection of letters written by a teacher, Hermes Trismegistus, to his apprentice in an effort to enlighten him. After the classical era, these letters were lost to the west but were preserved in Byzantine libraries.

The court of Cosimo de Medici, the grandfather of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the patron of Leonardo Da Vinci as well as several other Renaissance artists, unearthed the letters in the fifteenth century and translated them into Latin. These letters were so significant at the time that they served as a spark for the rise of Italian Renaissance culture and thinking. These time-tested ideals were revived once more by the Freemasons and appeared in the teachings of the American revolutionaries, who were inspired by this surge of invention.

Why is this Philosophy So Prominent?

Hermeticism is a body of thought and practice that focuses on the search of Gnosis. Gnosis is the pursuit of empirical observation relating to spiritual mysteries. Hermeticism is a Gnostic tradition.

The Gnostics and later the Hermetics rebelled in thinking in a historical world where all mainstream religions had guardians to the spiritual experience. They took matters into their own hands and created a manner of viewing the world that enabled them to interact with and immediately experience what they refer to as “a more visionary reality.” 

The Hermetic Principle of Mentalism


Natural laws form the foundation of how our universe works. Everything that occurs surrounding us has a perfectly good cause for it. Most significantly, there is a link among your thoughts and your behavior! The Western esoteric tradition dictates that there is a power that governs every aspect of this universe.

This idea expresses the idea that everything is made of mind. It explains that the All—matter, energy, and everything else that is perceptible to our physical senses—is the fundamental reality underlying all of the visible manifestations and perceptions that we classify as belonging to the material universe. The all is a pure spirit that is undefinable. It is unknowable but is viewed in the oldest traditions as an infinite, all-pervading living consciousness. Humans make vain attempts to characterize the All. They give it traits that fit within the boundaries of what is familiar and understandable. 

This is theology: imputing human characteristics to the Almighty in an effort to make sense of the Incomprehensible. As a result, the All is typically portrayed as a man and has a personality. This axiom, which states that the All is everything and everything is the All, actually explains how the cosmos was conceptually created by the All. And clarifies the fundamental nature of matter, power, and energy and shows how these things are controlled by the mind.

“The All is mind; The Universe in Mental.”


This idea holds that the whole of the cosmos is made of mind and that thought itself creates everything. To put it another way, “All is Mind.” Everything and anything that exists is composed of spirit, which is the result of a collective living consciousness. All things, including ourselves, contain this cosmic mind. Our lives and our reality are created by our ideas. Just like the universal mind that is the source of everything. 

The initial component of the manifestation process is the mentalism principle. The alchemist believes that all occurrences of life, matter, and energy are explained by the principle of mentalism. The alchemist can diagnose the nature of energy, power, and matter as things subject to the influence of the mind by comprehending this principle. The also alchemist establishes a link with his or her true self and bring harmony and stability into their own lives. As a result, he or she gains complete ability to manifest anything in accordance with divine will.

Understanding the mentalism principle entails getting closer to the divine mind. This entails becoming one with the cosmos and learning what God’s purpose for you being here is. The mentalism principle demonstrates how the mind affects all spheres of existence (physical, mental, and spiritual).

Developing Your Art of Mentalism

This feature of mentalism can be found in the method by which focused attention is used to accomplish much. When we are cognizant of ourselves, we can deliberately change inappropriate emotions by changing our ideas. Focus your attention on a more desirable condition. Then you can unlock a fundamentally foundational application in terms of attention and concentration. Your attention is directed by your will, which in turn modifies vibration. This improves perception, comprehension, knowledge, and a suitable vehicle for smoothly transferring from one reality to the other. 

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