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The four living beings known in Jewish mythology as hayyoth are watching a naked woman who is hovering or dancing above the Earth while holding a staff in each hand and is encircled by a wreath.

The center of the Tarot card for the World features a dancer. On the card, a dancing figure is depicted holding a wand in each hand while crossing one leg over the other.

An eagle, an ox, a lion, and a man.

The four creatures in this picture are utilized as symbols for the four Evangelists, just like the tetramorph in Christian art.

note: Some astrological sources characterize these observers as beings from the animal kingdom or the natural world.

Symbols of the Tarot card the World

The partial Cherabum

The bull  is an earth sign, the bull

lion is a fire sign (Leo),

the man is an air sign (Aquarius), and the eagle is a water sign (Scorpio).

These symbols, which stand in for the traditional four elements, are the four permanent signs.


most likely originated from a version of Akkadian.

is one of the supernatural creatures who serves God directly, according to Abrahamic religions. The diverse representations of cherubim assign them a variety of functions, such as guarding the Garden of Eden’s gate.

More on the 4 figures

Opposed to just being representative of the Cherabin the ffour figures stand for Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus, which are also known as the four evangelical signs, the four elements, and the four corners of the cosmos. 

They represent the balance of all of their energy when they are all together.

The woman

She represents harmony and movement’s natural progression. She signifies a fulfillment and wholeness that is dynamic, ever-evolving, and eternal rather than stagnant.

The Great Green Wreath of Flowers

Natrually success is symbolized by the green flower wreath that surrounds the main figure, and eternity is represented by the red ribbons that encircle it. The It is important to note that the same four figures that appear on the Wheel of Fortune are present on each corner of the card. The 

A Greater Reading

The World is the culmination of one cycle of life and the interim period between that cycle and the following one, which starts with the zero card: fool. The figure is made up of a male and female figure floating between the sky and the ground. It’s completion. The possibility for perfect oneness with only One Source of the universe is claimed to be represented by it as well as cosmic consciousness. It is tied to the collective unconscious.  It explains that in order to truly be happy, we must also offer to the world by imparting what we have discovered or acquired. 
     the woman’s image, known in Greek mythology as Hermaphroditus, represents wholeness unrelated to sexual identity but rather of blended male and female vitality on an an inward level, integrating the dualilty of humanity. That is, the opposite traits that emerge in the persona charged by both energies. The opposite traits of male and female that cause us stress are united in this card, and the idea of becoming entire is portrayed as an ideal goal rather than something that can be attained.

Upright Tarot the World Meaning

It’s a metaphor for the merging of one’s own identity with the wider universe. This condition is called enlightenment or satori in Zen and in various religious traditions. People understand that they, like eare intricately connected to one another and the world around them. All things are interconnected in a rhizomatic frequency of different systems.

in a nutshell

  • The culmination of ones trials into completion.
  • Becoming in line with the cosmic rythm
  • Sense of wholeness; work is done

In Various Readings

tarot card the world reversal

Reversed Tarot Card the World Meaning

The potential for the World card’s good energy remains even when the card is inverted. This is why the energy it produces when reversed is so annoying. When the World appears in the tarot with its usual positive connotations, it might indicate that you are reaching the conclusion of a cycle but aren’t quite there yet. You could be experiencing a sense of completeness and joy right now, but something is holding you back. You’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, but something keeps getting in your way.

Are you in an echo chamber?

The reversal of the World might also portend a feeling of confinement, whether physical or mental. Consider if you have the larger picture in mind. For some, this may be a sign that they need to broaden their horizons.

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