Cracking The The Fool Tarot Card Code

The Fool is numbered 0.  Number zero lends itself to infinite potential.  It actually  has no fixed position in the Tarot card sequence. 

The Fool can start or finish the Major Arcana it is both the Alpha and the Omega. 

The Major Arcana is considered The Fool’s life path, the journeyman the fools journey.  For this it therefore  is always present and requires no number.

The Fool Tarot card depicts a young male carefreely standing on the brink of a precipice, ready to go on an exciting new journey. He seems oblivious to the fact that he is going to fall over a cliff into the void as he gazes up into the sky and the entirety of the cosmos. A little backpack slung over his shoulder holds his essentials, which are very few. The Fool is too preoccupied with getting his voyage underway to give them any thought.

White Rose

His virginity and chastity are symbolized by the white rose in his left hand.

The Little White Puppy

A little white puppy plays at the Fools feet. He is a symbol of unwavering support who urges the naive person to go on and get the wisdom he seeks.


The huge peaks in the background are a metaphor for the arduous road ahead.

The Cliff

The cliff represents the Leap of Faith. Moving into something without the slightest clue about and trusting the universal divine to guide you.

The Divine Fool

The term “divine madness,” which also goes by the names “theia mania” and “crazy wisdom,” is used to describe extravagant, surprising, or unanticipated actions that have some connection to faith or the spiritual life. Many religions, including Hellenism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Shamanism, have examples of a deity gone mad.

A tragic hero is a protagonist who faces certain defeat while fighting an honorable battle. making an effort to both serve others and better himself. The phrase “foolishness for Christ” comes from the Christian faith. Describes a person who rejects all societal rules and customs in favor of a more direct relationship with God. Having a reputation for being different and questioning the status quo, to the point that they could be written off as mad or irreligious. The “deeper knowledge of spiritual notions” it provides is still sought for, though. Even if he isn’t comprehended by more dogmatic individuals, his integrity remains untarnished.

Theia Mania and the Fool Tarot

The word “theia mania” was used by Plato to characterize it (unusual behavior attributed to the intervention of a god). To put it simply, the gods blessed us with it. The phrase:

“the finest things we have originates from craziness”

is often used to describe this phenomenon. This idea may be found in shamanism and Islam alike.

It is often defined as a kind of mindfulness development or teaching among reprobates and instructors, or as a representation of enlightened conduct by those who have gone beyond society conventions. People in the general public may mistake these actions for signs of mental illness, but they are actually a form of religious ecstasy.

Traits of the Holy Fool

Common traits of holy fools were exposing themselves publicly, living on the streets, speaking in riddles, having followers who thought them to be clairvoyant or prophetic, and sometimes being so disruptive and provocative that they seemed unethical.

“Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk.”


Taking a Leap of Faith

Given that it is faith that leads one to make a leap of faith, Kierkegaard argues that such a leap must necessarily be circular. The central aspect of the leap of faith, the jump itself, is described in his book “Concluding  Unscientific Postscript. “Contemplation of the mind may lead to doubt because it allows the mind to examine itself.

The Fool Tarot card is a card that embodies the leap of faith. Though this complete blindness is not necessarily a good thing always.

“When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise, you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And that I can’t do.”

One interpretation of this expression is that religious faith is akin to taking a leap of faith, or a succession of such moments, in which one chooses to put their confidence in God despite a lack of proof. Its thought that most, religious individuals adhere to religion in ways that outsiders could characterize as illogical, reckless, and hence, blindly. They could think this way because that’s what people in their society do, or it can  make them suspicious of academic pursuits.

The Fool Tarot Card Upright

The Fool represents promise, innocence, and a clean slate. It represents youth, like the  young guy, one is at the beginning of a trip, at the brink of a precipice, ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown. The Fool Tarot is a call, an invitation. One is   being urged to commit oneself and follow ones heart, even though this leap of faith seems completely illogical at the moment. Right now is a chance to put your faith in the direction the Universe is directing you.

If The Fool appears in your reading, it’s a sign that you’re about to go on an exciting new adventure, one that will give you a renewed sense of hope and liberation. The way he looks at life when we first meet him is that of a youngster looking forward to a new experience. To him, everything is possible, and the world is awash of untapped potential. He lives a carefree life without any concern for the future, maybe because he has no way of knowing what challenges he will face.

The Fool Reversed

The Fool Tarot Card reversed
The Fool Tarot Card reversed

Reversed, The Fool stands for recklessness and inexperience in a new endeavor. You’re actually behaving like a fool because you don’t care about the results of your activities, and you initiate many things but never see them through to completion.

Attempting to “discover oneself” is an acceptable justification for this trip. But if you don’t stop being so reckless, you can end up very dissatisfied.

The fool tarot card in reverse suggests waiting until you have greater self-assurance before beginning a new venture. You could be worried that you don’t have the right tools, expertise, or materials to do this project. It’s possible that you’ve miscalculated the time. The thing that is preventing you from progressing is preventing you. Whether or whether you choose to tell other people about this exciting new opportunity right now is totally up to you.

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