Learn How Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Physics Are Compatible and How to Apply Them

Jesus vs Satan, Ying vs Yang, Mind vs Body, Life vs Death. These are diametric opposites that form the foundations of Metaphysical duality. They are organic Polarities that are locked in eternal struggle to hold the cosmos together through an intricate dance that sustains our time/space reality. But how can substance dualities exist without there being an all permeating substratum to bind the Universe together?

Is it possible for us to transcend dichotomies?  

Will we resolve the antitheses instantiated within the convoluted networks of sensory phenomenon?

Can Advaita Non-Duality and Quantum Physics solve the Mystery of Consciousness?

According to physicists the building blocks of all matter are made up of a duality of two interlocking heterogenous forces. Electrons and Protons.  These are subatomic particles that can either have a positive or negative charge.  Positive being attribitued to the proton and negative to the electron.

What holds these forces together?


Charge is the fundamental unit which ties particulate matter together since opposite charges attract protons and electrons attach to each other and thus form the building blocks of the universe.

You think this simplistic explanation resolves the convoluted problem of duality?  It’s way way way way way way way way way way more complicated than that.

Like how do you resolve problems in physics to make these divergent theories logically consistent. Like Quantum gravity or particle mass, dark energy, dark matter, Turbulence, The measurement problem, Complexity, Friction and the arrow of time, or weird Physicists hair cuts, I’m talking to you Michio Kaku.  =His heads the size of a Pumpkin.

The biggest polarity in the cosmos is physics itself!!!

You cannot put two physicists in the same room without hearing complaints about quarks and what happens when light approaches the event horizon of a black hole. And they all despise one another because super massive physics does not translate to the quantum level.

What works in Newtonian physics doesn’t translate to Quantum physics, what works in quantum physics makes Einsteins relavitiy laugh diarrhea out of his nostrils.  

Physics, however, on the surface appears to be wildly disjointed.

Within Physics there are 3 primary disciplines:

Quantum Physics -which deals with the rules and behavior of particles at the smallest scale or the quantum world.

Newtonian Physics or Classical Physics – which deals with Apples as well as physical laws of objects and behavior of everyday world.

Theory of Relativity – which makes it’s business about the behavior of objects at the largest scale, planetary bodies, stars, galaxies, nebula and most of all yo mama!!!

None of these three get a long with one another.

This is why physicists want to take the three schools of physics and put them all into a nice little package that ties the theories all together with a string. There needs to be a string which ties all the different physics questions together and makes them stringly coherent, you know on a string.  If only there were only some kind of theory, you know to string them all together. Oh wait there is a theory have you heard of it? It’s called Unified theory. What were you thinking of another one?

But they’ve already been beaten to the punch.

Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Physics

Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Physics image of Mr Bean copying another guy.  for the question advaita vedanta and quantum physics.

This symbol, known as the yin and the yang, represents the Taoist concept of substance dualism.  Dynamism of the cosmic dance is a unitary body. A monism. Dual Forces of positive and negative represented in a perfect balance.  They are not diametric opposites but compliments one unified body a single system.  One brings the other into existence and vice vera.  Yin cannot live without the Yang.

Whats my point? My point is, that Your post enlightenment dogmatism forces you into a box of rational explanations that leaves You soul destitute. It’s the rise of the scientific cleresy…Technocrats,  My diagnosis is, deficiency of the spirit.

I bet you wouldn’t even accept the sky was blue lest it were proven, verified and backed up by scientific evidence.  Like my big nose, unibrow Armo grandmother used to say   “Mi arek’ sa, sa vat e dzez hamar” You don’t need do this, eez bad for you “Yez chem haye”. 

Science is just one tool in the spiritual adepts toolbox. Ancient wisdom like the Tao can shed a little light on theories of unified reality. Your own organic home brewed string theory.

However there is a far more compatible ancient source material that mirrors the Physicists Unified theory.

It’s the pinnacle of the non-dual.

Advaita Vedanta!!!

Advaita Vedanta is timeless pact of ancient Hindu science glorious wisdom of attainment of non duality yoga!!!  

There you go you’re welcome…Who turned you on to that?. Me baby me…

Ancient Vedas and You

advaita vedanta and quantum physics

The ancient Hindu texts of the Vedas provide much dynamic look into String theory and Unified Field theory. That’s because they are basically the same damn thing. Yes, Amazingly the Advaita Vedanta is completely supported and corresponds flawlessly to string theory so much so ….that it begs the question.   What kind of fiendish Whiley trip were these Vedas goons on? And how do I get me some of their Yoga?


Advaita is one of the six darshans or orthodox philosophical systems of Hindu Philosophy.

Look at the description of the universe that comes out of the Veda and then look at the description of the universe that comes out of the unified field theory. They are identical. 

What comes out of the unified field?  The effing Universe ok, how you like them apples Newton?

The Void

In unified field theory, you have a primordial matter. An infinite silence that spreads out across the omniverse in all dimensions.  It’s like the Vedic ocean of Shiva that expands out into the vast void of everything and nothing. Where below the surface of this ocean is pure bliss and silence, but on top of that ocean are the waves of eternal dynamism from which we froth like David lee roth. 

From the Brahman comes the Shakti or the material natural world. According to Unified field theory this emergence that gurgles up from the void has another name, super string. They are tiny little elementary particles that form resonant frequencies which make up matter.

These are the same things as the Gunas!!!

The infinite silence is Saatvic. Perfection in balance, pure and complete acting as the primordial quality of being acting as the building blocks for all other things.

The percolating is the Raja…the beginning of dynamism, not ying or yang but ying yang, driving internal substance, emergence…Just pounding, no lube whatsoever.

Then finally the little gurgles string thingy Gurgles gurgle they gurgle, strings are Tamas the hyper, the atomic particulate,

Advaita adheres to this monism.  Etymlogically it literally means non-secondness.

Quality of Non-Secondness

Etymologically the word Advaita is a composite of two Sanksrit words ,

A – Dvaita

Advaita etymologically contains the prefix:

“A” -meaning non

Dvaita” meaning dualism

….put it together and what have you got?. “non-dualism dummy, that’s what I just said!

So what exactly forms our time space/reality?

double slit experiment
meme of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

According to super string theory there is an infinite silence. A space of primordial void… that permeates all realities and all dimensions.  All dynamism emerges forth into being gurgling like some primordial soft drink.  Fizzie ginger ale. 

What connects you to this primordial soft drink?

Vedic string theory is called Sutra Atma

Sutra – means to Suture….

Atma -means self and the

Sutra atma is the aspect of the conscious self which pervades all beings and all being.

According to the Santana Dharma scientific revelations of the Sutraatma is that the string which connects the lifeforms to the atman or soul…..The Amritya Setu is an immortal string which bridges the human body to God.

Recalling the Akhand Sutra integrating thread of nature the cumulative consciousness of the hundred trillion cells of the adult human body is called Jivatma.  The Ulvimate, formless, omnipotent, omniscient, omnispresent and all pervasive Universal Consciousness is the source of everything in the Universe.  The Nirgun-Brahman the God-Nature integration the Paramatma with the indwelling human soul called the Antaratma.

“There is nothing whatsoever higher than me, O Arjuna.  All things are strung on me, as clusters of gems on a thread.”

-Krishna from the Gita

Both Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Phyiscs show that the Universe is one

The non-dual form of Krishna as it was revealed to Arjuna in the Gita
The non-dual form of Krishna as it was revealed to Arjuna in the Gita

The universe is one. That’s what the word Universe means. The Uni-verse. The one song.  And the whole universe started with one tone.  Do you know what that sound is?


Om is the sound that brought all being into existence. It’s the vibration that underlays all dimensions. 
If string theory is the cosmic rhythm then the single note to bring it all into existence is the all mighty Om… String theory is a theory of frequencies and tones vibrating in 11 dimensions.

But if you want to use Om you gotta pay royalties to God. Or your gonna get copyright strike.

In fact it’s actually not just Om that brought being into existence.  In Tolkien’s mythology of the divine Logos, God or Iluvatar sings the world into existence through his word.  Like someDef poetry jam for omnipotent beings.

In the Silmarillion it says “ yaye, there was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Iluvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy ones, that were the offspring of his thought….and he spoke to them, propunding to them themes of music; and they sang before him, and he was glad.  …

If you read further it goes on to say. Thenn Iluvatar said to them::

‘Of the theme that I have declared to you, I will now that ye make in harmony together a Great Music. Then the voices of the Ainur, like unto harps and lutes and pipes and trumpets and viols and organs, and like unto countless choirs singing with words, began to fashion the theme of Iluvatar to a great music; and a sound arose of endless interchanging melodies woven in harmony that passed beyond hearing into the depths and into the heghts, and the places of the dwelling of iluvatar were filled to overflowing and the music and the echo of the music went out into the void, and it was not void.”

The Mind of God

What is God? According to the Strange haired Physicist Michio Kaku, the Unified field theory is essentially the God Equation.  The theory sees the mind of God.

What does this mean?

Music is God!  & String theory is the God equation that ties everything together. The theory, however, eluded Einsten for the last 30 years of his life.   The very fabric of the universe is mainly composed of superstrings vibrating in cosmic rhythm across 11 dimensions, singing the universe into existence. String theory is essentially Everything including us, it is the expression of a vibration that we can never see.

The Quantum World is hella Myterious

Tiny particles, what we consider to be matter…our concept of matter. What you think of as a marble an electron is not marble at all.  If you looked super close at a particle then you’d see a vibrating band of unhearable sound.  The vibration of this band produces a neutrino, a quark, or a delicious dish of Armenian Khlema, raw goat meat. All the sub-atomic particles are different vibrations of the same string.

All is one and one is all.

This was known to the Vedas…

I mean Physicists can calculate the different frequencies of the unified field into 5 different fundamental tones. These are called the spin types.

Spin Types

  • Graviton
  • Gravitinos
  • Forces like electromagnetism and google search engine algorithms
  • Matter
  • The Higgs Boson Discovered by everyones favorite parody Physicist Boson the Clown

But these also deviate into 3 equivalent super fields for example

Gravitons and Gravitinos had a baby and it was called Gravity Superfield

Forces and Matter make up = Gauge Superfields

Matter and the Higgs Boson equals Matter Superfields

I mean ancient Veda did this the same way in the Ayur Veda…

he emergence of physical matter occurred in what are known as the five qualities of Prakritis.

Mahabhutas the Doshas

  • Fire = Prithriti
  • Water = Tejas
  • Earth =Apas
  • Air = Vaya
  • Ether = Akasha

Which make up three superfield like sturcures which correspond to quantum Physics

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

Does Advaita Vedanta and quantum physic support each other?  Yes!

Is this ancient Vedic teaching a primer for string theory? Yes!

But wait there’s more!

The Consciouss universe is composed of layers of creation ranging from the simplest to the most complex. It transitions from Diverse to Unified. According to the Vedas, there are five categories of mind;

  • Vaikari – the ability to articulate thought
  • Madhyama – the abstract conceptualization
  • Pahsyanti – emotional intelligence
  • Atma – Transcendetnal, beyond conceptualization and beyond mind entirely
  • Brahman – the unified consciousness of all things

Mathmeticians have a similar modus that moves from the simplistic to the robust!

1)counting crude numbers or natural numbers 1,2, 3, 4

2) ability to count whole numbers

3)the introduction of integers

4) rationals

5) Real numbers or complex numbers ( you can’t write these down they are conceptual and they exist on the level of abstract conceptualization.

You can see that this is the universe of unique sets. As the great and honorable Kami from Disney Mythica once said to Buzz Lightyear:

“To infiniti and Beyond.”


Like seriously the Yoga masters have created a new state of awareness that goes beyond the classical major states of consciousness Wake and Sleep.  Samadi, complete with it’s physiology.

Beyond-comprehension consciousness or transcendental consciousness depends on both mathematical sophistication and spiritual fitness. To comprehend physics and quantum physics and a unified field is like grasping the Atma a type of higher being beyond conceptual knowledge….a new state of being entirely called Samadhi.

Yoga technologies supported by Vedic scripture seem to be a spiritual application of practices based on Unified field and Quantum physics.  This is due to the fact that Vedic science is as scientific, practical, and indispensable today as it was thousands of years ago.

IT’s a practical application to the attainment of understanding ultimate reality quote unquote the Unified field.  Modern physics has systematically explored finer levels of creation, smaller and smaller time and distance scales, from classical macroscopic world oto the atomic and nuclear levels culminating in  the founding of one super duper mega theory of everything.  Veda did it a long time ago.

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