Decoding Secrets of the Giant of Dorset

Pagan origins of The Giant of Dorset

Why the Giant of Dorset …

A giant on a hill with a huge massive throbbing uhh umm…ahem. He’s carved into the English countryside of Dorset, Cerne Abbas.   55 meters high the giant is the size of a football field.  Who built this massive image, why was this built and why is it significant today?

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Origin Story of the Giant of Dorset

Well while the Documentation of the giant goes back to 1694 optically stimulated luminescence testing dates the figure as being more than 1300 years old which means, this giant has been maintained for over a millennium.   

These figures have survived for centuries, composed of merely dug trenches filled with chalk. Despite even the imposition of the Anglican Churches’ attempt to cancel the Giant’s massive Dong, it has nonetheless survived.  What secrets hold the ancient peoples who built them try to tell us and what can they tell us in our age? The age of the Bat?

What is the Giant of Dorset?

The giant is not a monolithic superstructure like stone henge or the pyramids, it’s a simple outline to be almost as if it were caused by the natural forces themselves.  A natural formation.

Is the Giant of Dorset some ancient Briton deity?

 Some believe it to be a transfer of Hercules from the Roman invasion of the English Isle. 

There are even some speculating that it’s a parody of Oliver Cromwell, the political lord protector of England after the Regicide of King Charles. 

But we here in the cult machine know

The giant is not just a symbol of the endurance of Folkloric culture in England, he is a meme, a culturally infused unit by which that given cultural sentiment can be transferred. 

It is a vision of our future when we re-enrich our profit-motive-controlled aesthetics back to the folkloric primordial embellishing of our spaces. 

The symbolism of the Cerne Abbas Giant

Masciuline vitatlity.  His phallus itself is a long-standing symbol of virility.  The female equivalent is the venus figure.  The Upper paleolithic statuette portrays a round effervescent female.  

In Greek mythology the Satyr was always depicted with an ever engorged phallus.  The Satry is a masculine nature spirit. While nature has always been associated with the feminine as all things in the duality of being, it is not without the Animus. The Satyr represents that image of Natures Animus that rapacious dionysiion that upsurges from thaking o this form.  

But in like most things in the ebb and flow of the alchemical salve and coagula, the contraction and expansion of human history there had to be an iconoclasm of the old traditions. 

Like todays red haired feminist land whales calling everything racist and twitter mob canceling it, so too had the cathedral of the Christian Clerecy strictly coordinated asphyxiation of any deemed heretical hethenistic culture.  They erased the phallus. Yet none the less a still resilient pagan tradition has been maintained in England to this day.  And this isn’t just that weird lady who owns the New Age crystal shop next to the laundromat who calls herself Faith Owl or something stupid.  This Anglo-Saxon Heathenism baby this is the real deal! Pure uncut Occult pagan mysticism magick at its purest form. 

Paganism and the Giant of Dorset

The origination of this image of the naked deity on a hill gains its cultural etymology from a potent variant of Germanic magick paganism, this primordial form of magick was practiced over most of northwestern Europe and had a gloriously wide range of beliefs and cults, with significant diversity across different regions.

But while the Pagan tradition worshipped a cadre of polytheistic deities who had their origins in the natural world. Where greater gods vie for supremacy over more traditional village folkloric myths demigods.

Folkloric Patron Deities

The Gramadevata, a presiding guardian or patron deity patron saint worshipped in villages in India.  These sub-Gods of a greater pantheon are mascots, landed to their specific regions of worship.  Dharma-Thakkur the god of fertility and disease in West Bengel or Kal Bhairav a fierce permutational avatar of the Primordial force is a Gramadevata in rural Maharashtra. 

 A personalized identity of people.  A meme that is recognized among people of its founding tradition. The Giant of Dorset is as much a

 Because it does what memes do it transmits unconscious ideas.  Memes have a better ability to embody a  multiplicity of modes and forms through which linguistic language cannot.  It says something about regional identity, ancient tradition, folkloric magick, art, and belief systems. 

 There is a special significance to a hill. It acts as a natural platform to exalt and privilege anything that is set upon it. Its visual acuity against the landscape seen from any viewpoint in the town resolves it to being a significant juncture of attention. Mind transformative.  Ritual Magick.

A simple trenched outline gives new light, a new intensity of reality to any given place.

This is why despite the influx of wealth and prosperity never before seen in human history brought on by the capitalist ruling has resolved into abysmal and aesthetically vapid scenes.  Withering cities.  Boring boxed architecture lacking grit or Victorian baroque embellishment.  The visual style of the modern era is a complete and utter lack of visual style.  It’s simply an obscene belief that by cutting that special tender element from mass production that

This inability of the modern capitalist surplus-motivated mind to exert a penny toward beauty is a disease of massive proportions.

What does the Giant of Dorset tell us?

It wasn’t the industry of filmmaking that transformed Hollywood.  It was the simple Hollywood, sign itself.  Some brilliant magician artist shaman placed that thing so precisely that it literally was I believe the transformative meme that catalyzed Hollywood from some inner coastal town to Tinsel town a cultural phenomenon. 

But anybody who knows the story of the deterioration knows of the pitfalls of this aesthetic dementia that the Capitalist money cult suffers from.  The the sign as it sat in shambles for years.   That the Hollywood sign began deteriorating for like years and years.   Nobody even today is brave enough to set up   A simple set of letters on hill to know that it would completely transform a region.

There’s a decay in these capitalist institutions that puts shame on the Christian monuments of their given epochs. I mean Europe is what it is today because people could build take 100 years to build a monument to their god brick by brick.  Whereas a skyscraper can be built in a decade and it doesn’t have half of the staying power or aesthetic integrity as these ancient buildings. 

  The Giant of Dorset is so simple anyone can do it….

In fact, many people alone who understand this concept,  artist shamans magicians can inlay their own midiclorians into the scenery, to sacrifice their lives to endow space with this new holy designation.  Otherwise, internet real estate is now a world heritage or national treasure which are just secular terms for the same things as sacred holy land.

The Watts Towers were built alone by Simon Rodia a Shaman artist from Italy.

The Coral Castle which was built by Edward Leedsklanin is called America’s stone henge.  Also if you love American Cryptology check out my favorite channel on this Subject TalkingtoLeedskalnin where the top Leedskalninologist I think that’s what you call it, deciphers the hidden meanings of the Coral Castle. 

American Cryptology is better than Egyptology or Davinci studies because its American.  May the Gods bless America. 

So what the Giant of Dorset does for our moderns society is it enhances the region. It creates zones of intensity that attract modern pilgrims.  Capitalist-driven escapist travel cults of today’s vacationers.  A type of pilgramive that is not given the same symbolic weight of internal identity as the transformative pilgramages of more orthodox forms of religion. Like say the Islamic Holy Hajj or Broken Mountain pilgrimages of Indigenous Nahua peoples of Mexico. 

 .  This isn’t some monolithic superstructure known for its architecturally mysterious origin. It is a love letter to the creative spirit. The Giant of dorset shows us that a determined shaman, a pagan priestess with singular purpose of coordination can transform a back water city into a global phenomenon.    It’s a testament to alchemy.  Terraforming the mind and transform simple base substance into more noble metals, higher forms.  A simple dug outline filled with chalk. The most simplistic of minerals has turned Dorset into a gold mine and World heritage site. 

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