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The Emperor represents the Father figure in the Tarot, whereas The Empress represents the Mother figure. These are archetypal parental authority entities.  

Whitebeard – the white beard represents wisdom which comes with age

Rams-head-adorned throne of massive stone – This symbolizes his connection with Aries and the planet Mars).

Egyptian ankh – rests in The Emperor’s right hand, while the orb that represents his dominion over the globe rests in his left.

Red Robe – demonstrative of his strength, enthusiasm, and the vigor with which he approaches life. 

Suit of Armor under cloak –

The Mountain Range– Standing in the background of the Emperor is a foreboding mountain range. This fortifying fundament reflects a level of safety, yet he is also reluctant to change.

Brook – A little brook runs at the foot of the mountain range, showing that the rough appearance conceals some emotional range. The orange sky represents the dawn or sunset, both of which are full of fire and force.

The Emperor’s Tarot Card General Meaning

The Emperor’s tarot card embodies the concepts of authority, power, and leadership. Naturally as previously stated, he is The Empress’s masculine counterpart. They are the perfect yin and yang duality. He rules over the material realm as well.  He makes himself the arbiter over issues of civilization in the form of social power. This archetype represents structure and The Establishment as the quintessential father in either negative or positive form.

The Archetypal Father

Being a father involves both the power to initiate and the responsibility of overseeing others, whether it be a biological family or a boss of employees. A caring father leads by example provides stability and sees his children’s dreams realized.

The Positive aspect of the Archetypal Father

The Fatherly archetype manifested in its positive form emphasizes law, order, discipline, reason, understanding, and inspiration. Our subconscious can deliver visions of these competent, kind, and helpful monarchs, firemen, and healers.

The negative aspect of the Archetypal Father

Once the loving direction and protection transform into a tyrannical rule, the shadow father makes his appearance. A bad Father archetype would be one who is overbearing, controlling, and intellectually distant. This may lead to a dangerous case of hubris (think of the Titanic) and an expansion of both the ego and the mind.

Upright Emperor Tarot Card

Realize that the Emperor stands for a strong leader who wants to be respected and in charge. Maybe there is a force that is in charge that you are not paying attention to.  
It could be that you are too focused on your status, power, and reputation. It could be you are to be taking on a position of leadership as an employer or a boss.  
  If you are a leader you need to be strong, yet fair.  Make your intentions clear in order to manifest them into reality. Realize that you cannot do it alone, you are not a lone wolf but have to cultivate discipline in deligation into other people in order to make it happen.

The Emperor tarot card Reversed

The Emperor Reversed represents the shadow manifestation of the negative father archetype.   This card emphasizes a masculine force that uses its power for a negative kind of control.  Not all things controlled are good, there can be forces influencing in a bad way. This force can come in the form of like someone who stands in the way of your self-actualization: a father, a boss, an addiction, or a partner.  This is a strong force. 

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