15 Space Clearing Rituals | Feng Shui to Diffuse Negative Energy

Space Clearing Rituals Feng Shui are the best way to diffuse negative energy.

Negative or evil energy may lay latent in a space for a long time, so it’s essential to flush it out before you do anything else. There’s nothing like getting rid of all the clutter and giving your house a good cleaning to feel like you’re starting over.

The Purpose of Decluttering with Space Clearing Rituals Feng Shui

This process of space-clearing rituals takes a lot of self-reflection. Due to this, you’ll need to be brutally honest with yourself and your loved ones.  This will give you a better chance if you want to complete this project.  You don’t need to take it all on at once, so take it one room at a time.  This will also give you a chance to process your belongings and really consider if you truly need this stuff.  Throwing away and getting rid of things is the way of the Tao.  
Areas of intensity

Pay special attention to the attic and the basement; rapacious libidinal psychic energy can stagnate in these regions.  You think out of sight, out of mind.  That’s the opposite.  Repressed things often need the most attention, or they will find ways to circumvent the ego.  

Know your Why

He who knows his why, can overcome any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

While it’s important to get the job done, it’s just as important to know why you’re doing this space-clearing ritual.  So before you rush in with the vacuum cleaner and garbage bags 
Be able to Let go
  Even though it may be hard to let go of stuff, it’s amazing how soon you’ll forget about the rubbish once it’s gone. As a proxy for the kind of person you are, the amount of stuff you own may be revealing. It’s probable you need to reevaluate your priorities if you’re a hoarder.

When did you become so materialistic? Are you anxious when you don’t have material things?

In a similar vein, if you want to live in a cell with very few possessions, you may want to consider whether or not your own values take into account the requirements of the people around you.
After you’ve decluttered your house, you’ll feel good about yourself for creating a clean slate at the beginning of a new chapter. Get rid of the clutter and bring good vibes back into your house by cleaning it up.

My Space Clearing Ritual Feng Shui Techniques

Before your cleansing

bad vibes don’t need to be a part of your household. You can apply these techniques to purge your home of them and bringing back its former glory. Here in the article what follows is a list of my recommendations. There is more than one way to Rome. Naturally if something doesn’t fit, you don’t  like one plan, try another until.  Everyone is different, so if you don’t find a technique instantly then keep going till you find one that does.

1)Burn Things

There are many different ways to burn things in your home. Here I will outline for you the many different ways that you can use to burn in your home.

  • Candles – Purify your home by lighting scented candles in each room. Wait until the candle is completely out of wax before putting it out.
  • Incense
  • Sage Smudging -There are different types of sage. You can see this post here to learn more about the different types of sage.
  • Tobacco or Marijuana – These can be inhaled and ingested into the body to also bless the home. But should not be used in excess.

Check out this blog post I wrote on Sage burning.

Negative energy is dissipated and positive vibrations and an environment reflective of you are reconnected as candles burn. Choose colors that best serve your purposes, such as white for cleanliness and clarity, red for ardor, blue for success in the workplace, green for companionship, and yellow for open communication.


Clap your hands quickly and rhythmically as you strut about the rooms of your home. Clap every where you can think of. You should clap even in the closet and up on the ceiling. As you clap you’ll begin to sense the energy beginning to shift.  It will be clearer as you feel the sound of your hands mantra the infiniti of the cosmos.  


In Feng Shui, sweeping and vacuuming are considered to be highly effective ritual activities. I know that this may seem ridiculous, but it’s true. Not only is tidying your house an amazing boost for the manifestation of your desires, but cleaning it with purpose can take the energy in your space to an all new level as well.

4)Air Sweeping

In Malaysian Feng Shui, an old bird-of-paradise nest is tied to the end of a length of twine. This new magick artifact is subsequently  swirled through the air. You can also use a  spray of dead branches or a broom.  Anything that gets the air flowing around can do the trick.  Hell even just moving your hands and open fingers through the air is another option; if you meet any resistance, just push it away with broad, sweeping motions of your arms.

5)Chill Out

Let’s all just get down on the floor and sit cross-legged like in Zazen meditation pose. Make sure you have a comfortable cushion to sit on.  Now you need to write a letter to your house. Let it know that  the next renovations will be functional, beneficial, and spiritual to the transcendental utilization of space for the home.  Make this letter very powerful emotionally and e xpress the importance of directing the energy to improve your life and the lives of others around you.  Like a heart meditation that starts with you and reaches out into the cosmos.   Read the letter aloud and then bury it as close to your home as possible.  


Identify all the stuff you want to keep.  You are processing between those things which contribute to your psychic well being and those that do not.  Find those that do and make them feel special by giving them a name and some affection.  Now using any part of your body (with exposed skin). Feel free to explore the room by touching the walls, the floor etc.  You can be butt naked if you want. You are connecting your spiritual ethereal to the material realm.  These in animate items have their being which contribute to your space.  By doing this ritual you are really recognizing that everything in the house has its own secret positive energy. Thus, any destructive vibes may be neutralized.

7)Ringing Bells

Keep a good, clear positive and emotionally charged concept in your thoughts. As you make your way around the room, start ringing a bell. Your ideas will resonate through the air and reach every section of the room will echo with your desire.

8)Holy Water Blessing

A blessing is often made up of many components, including a phrase that is said, a gesture of blessing that is sometimes accompanied by an item like a crucifix or holy book, and, at times, the sprinkling of water, which is frequently thought to be a symbol of life itself.

Note: This does not need to be specifically used with Christian Iconography. It is perfectly ok to Use icons pertinent to any of the worlds religions or even the “Pop Culture Pantheon.” This is due to the theory of syncretism.

9) Magick Spells

Maybe you have a few special spells that you want to do that help you re-center your energy. You can use magic spells to affect your psyche and thus improve your ability to enter into the world. Here is one spell that I found on the internet specifically for cleansing.

10) Deep Cleaning or Harmonizing

Cleaning your space and getting rid of many different things is the core to being minimalist.

11)Shining Light into the Space

When light is used to fill the physical body, that light must be in harmony with the level of light that is now prevalent in the environment. If the accumulation of light were greater than what is required, a person would not become invisible but rather transparent and radiant, like the sun, beaming white from the outside in and from the inside out. Open the windows and let natural light fall into the space and see that transformative effects that come with it.

12) Singing Bowl

The soothing music produced by a singing bowl is very magical. By virtue of this quality, prosperity, health, and happiness will find their way into your life. Having this quality, it helps remove the chaotic room, making it seem brighter and more optimistic. Singing bowls are powerful instruments.

13)Set up a Home Altar

Spread out some fabric, choose a bowl or an attractive altar table, and settle in. Put out invitations to the winds from all four cardinal directions. Calling on Earth and the stars next. Make a request for them to help you and your family stay grounded, fed, and clean. Prepare your altar by placing the first items on it. Start by lighting a candle, and then move on to incense. After that, place an object representing Earth on the table, and then briefly touch your fingertips to a tiny dish containing water or wine.

Get in touch with the energy that comes with each element. You have successfully established your altar’s base. Personal photos and mementos may be included.

14)Crystals for Space-Clearing

It’s possible that the energy shift means that you need to establish a holistic sanctuary at home. This might be accomplished with the help of healing stones. This can be in the form of Healing Crystals or stones like TourmalineCheck out this blog post I did on Crystals.

15) Prayer

A prayer for the blessing of the household is necessary. Everyone is encouraged to pray for the blessing of their houses, no matter whether they are in the process of purchasing a new house or are already in one. Never forget to pray for the safety and security of your loved ones and house. In this house blessing, we beg God to cleanse our home of negative energy.

Space Clearing Rituals Feng Shui is the best way to clear your home of negative Energy. A powerful ceremony to allow fresh energy into a location and establish intentions for what you’re wanting to call in, space clearing rituals feng shui involves removing old energy and debris from the area. If you are not an avid fan of haunted houses who enjoys the idea of living a location where anything distasteful may or may not have taken place, then you should probably clean your home not just physically but also spiritually. This is especially important if you have pets or children.

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