Is It Offensive to Wear Yin and Yang Symbol?

Is it offensive to wear the Yin and Yang Symbol? Is it cultural appropriation?

No, anybody who should be offended, would be a Taoist. If somebody wearing the “yin and yang” symbol would trigger a Taoist however, then this “Taoist” has more problems than someone “culturally appropriating their culture.” That is, that letting the external events have so much affect over your your inner world goes against the very principles of Taoism itself.

There’s a lot of talk about what is and isn’t polite to wear when it comes to other cultures.  Religious symbols however?  I have an inkling that they might be offensive to certain people however in theory, not really offensive at all. Under the Capitalist empire colliding every symbol into one another in order to bring them to Market, it brings up the question about the profundity of whether wearing these elements cause certain harm.  Of course people get offended by everything . As a result, it is difficult for me to know what is right and what is wrong due to my many and different opinions. 
  In a purely western society, we tend to get less flack for adopting things associated with western occultism.  Jewelry with occult overtones has nearly as less negative connotations as wearing an African dashiki.  But then again, the Dashiki isn’t really something associated with a spiritual practice.  
  Yin and Yang is just one of these things, people associate with “Asian” culture (Asia is a big place, that term is bogus anyway).  So is it offensive to wear the Yin and Yang symbol?   Lets take a look shall we?  

Is Wearing the Yin and Yang Symbol Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural Appropriation; you see it all the time as a clickbaity headline on Twitter but what exactly is it? The negative feelings you get from wondering if it is offensive to wear yin and yang symbol. It boils down basically to this new term invented by woke to speak for leftists to fight over the victimhood Olympics.

It gave them an excuse to be outraged over Adelle wearing braids or white people wearing sombreros. This is known as cultural appropriation and it is when members of a dominant majority race acquire cultural practices or cultural identity from a lesser ” minority race or culture” in an exploitative, insulting, or stereotyped manner. However, we must be sure we have a working definition of cultural identity to comprehend its effects fully so in this blog post I define Cultural identity.

is it offensive to wear the Yin and Yang symbol? Seeing these two men wearing Native American headdresses is kind of offensive.  Just kind of.

If you’re offended by this kind of stuff, then maybe for you to ask “Is it offensive to wear the yin and yang symbol” then it is undoubtedly gonna make you feel guilty. However, I want you to know, you have too much time on your hands. Go touch grass.

Here is a hyper sensitive “Woke” SJW listening to too much Feminist post-modern theory. She needs to go “touch grass.”

Yin and Yang is associated with Taoism which is associated with Chinese Culture which means wearing it means you are appropriating culture. Right?

What is Culture?

The word “culture” refers to the sum total of human social behavior, institutions, and conventions as well as the sum total of human knowledge, belief systems, artistic expressions, legal frameworks, cultural practices, and behavioral tendencies. It’s fairly uncommon to trace a culture’s roots or origins to a particular geographical area.

Cultures are Not fixed!

Cultural Drift refers to how elements of culture spread throughout an area. When two cultures come into contact with one another. It’s almost like a force of nature that elements or cultural artifacts of each culture will inevitably collide, form new bonds etc. Transformation of a society through time, as its particular values, beliefs, and practices morph in an unplanned manner. The term “cultural drift” describes the same phenomenon. Alterations in society and culture are also discussed under those headings.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror – with Yin and Yang

What are the benefits of adopting elements of another Culture?

People all throughout the globe are coming to see the value of educating themselves about other cultures and adopting elements which they like and suit them. What purpose does this serve? It’s crucial in creating places where people may come together to solve problems, create new syntheses and improve upon existing situations.


There are many different cultures out there. When feasible, broadening one’s cultural horizons might help one better accept and even admire others who are different from themselves. Adopting cultural elements other than your own is a way to  appreciate and respect a culture.  

Separations along racial and ethnic lines have negative effects on society as a whole. For instance, it may cause people to miss out on opportunities, lead to miscommunication, or even escalate into violent conflict. Conflicts between different races and ethnic groups tend to drain both the financial and human resources of communities. These habits divert attention away from the real problems plaguing these communities and onto less substantive ones.

As a fundamental component of interpersonal interaction, aesthetics of a culture are, in a way, its visual language.  Language is of paramount importance to communication and conversation. Nonetheless, it is not the sole aspect in successful communication. If you wear the yin and yang symbol then you’re effectively taking on that visual language.  

Is it offensive to wear the Yin and Yang Symbol? The Opinion of an Actual Taoist

Whats the problem with this? Who cares, have it.

Either Taoism (sometimes spelled Daoism) or Taoism (also spelled Taoism) may be used to describe a body of thinking or a faith that originated in China and stresses conformity with the Tao. According to Taoism, it is important for all organisms to maintain a condition of harmony with the cosmos and the energy it contains. Ch’i (sometimes romanized as qi) is the universal life force that permeates and directs all matter and existence. Non-action, minimalism, and ecological balance are essential tenets of Taoism.

From Taoism we get Chinese Magick like Feng Shui or Tai-Chi/Chi Gong.

Honest to the Tao, there is not anything that would or could possibly anger a “genuine” Taoist. Yin and Yang is  only a symbol to help people remember that everything in life has a natural cycle (the Tao). Everything in life is a combination of dualistic forces. You get a s much as is necessary, and then no more. 
   The Yin and Yang is also culturally appropriated by other cultural practices as well.  I bet you didn’t know that the  use of the sign is generally accepted in Buddhism as well. I mean have at it, wear it as jewelry or a memento, something to remind you of the inner truths of the Taoist principles.   whatever brings you comfort.

In Conclusion. The whole curfufle around “Cultural Appropriation” comes from a vapid and neurotic society of over indulgent weak victimized meddling idiots. Cultures have swapped their wares and customs since the brains big bang. The indoctrination of a few eccentric university humanities majors does not alter human nature. Plus sharing customs and cultures is the first step towards living in community and peace! So the way I see it, Not wearing the Yin and yang symbol is a greater problem than wearing it and offending someone. So have at it!!

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