Yin and Yang for Feng Shui

Yin and yang are diametrically opposed but complimentary varieties of energy, which are described in classical Chinese philosophical thought.

They are the source of the Chi spread across the universe by the cosmic eternity stream. Two simple binary black and white components create a cohesive mind, represented by the circle Taoist Tai Chi symbol.
Yin is a dark, submissive energy associated with the feminine archetype, receptivity, internal strength, and intelligence. Yang is a white, optimistic, extroverted energy associated with the masculine.
Feng Shui’s goal is to balance the antagonistic traits in your environment, so mastering Yin and Yang is crucial.

Quick overview of the Yin and Yang for Feng Shui

Everywhere that there is yin, likewise, there is also yang, and vice versa; You wouldn’t believe it, but there is a circle of energy that is complementary to each sect of being. The Ying and Yang symbol shows that everything is a mix of these dual forces, and that none exists alone. 
The Ying and Yang symbol shows that everything is a mix of these dual forces, and that none exists alone.   darkness, Earth, The Moon are all associated with Yin.  All of these characteristics have long been linked to yin.  whereas the sun, fire, dazzling light, and motion are all associated with Yang.  In contrast, white, the Metal Element, symbolizes yang. The powerful energy that is accompanied by loud noises, flashing lights, and a sense of forward momentum. Applying power of the Yin and Yang  Feng Shui, a family area or a bustling workplace would benefit from yang energy.Yin

Characteristics of yin are feminine and passive and nurturing and dark, whereas those of yang are masculine and dynamic and brilliant. You can associate it with:

  • Female Goddesses
  • Dark neutral colors
  • Nurturing healing
  • Things that have to do with intelligence i.e. books
  • Beauty
  • Flooring
  • Tapestry
  • Playing Soothing Music

A room can magically turn into Yin however if it is painted dark, kept cool and everybody keeps out of it. Use it occasionally and it’ll become Yin.


Characteristics of Yang are male, aggressive and bright. You can include things that are like:

  • Metal
  • Hard and sharp surfaces
  • Lamps
  • Hard Furniture
  • Glass dishes
  • Stone Sculptures
  • Mirrors

Classic Yin and Yang for Feng Shui Principles

Classical schools of Feng Shui focused less on the architecture of a home and more on its relationship to its surroundings. Traditional Chinese thought classified the north-facing slopes and dark portions of a mountain as yin landscapes. Meanwhile, yang energy was associated with south-facing slopes and sunny regions. Flowing water is often thought to be yang because it flows, whereas mountains are thought to be yin because they do not. However, if you take that water and make it still like a lake or a pond, it is  becomes Yin energy.  

Contemporary Feng Shui

In modern Feng Shui, it is pretty  common practice to assess a home’s yin and yang energies to get a real good feel for the In modern Feng Shui, it is pretty  common practice to assess a home’s yin and yang energies to get a feel for the place.

How balanced is your home when it comes to yin and yang?

If you live in the country, the yin energy around you will be more responsive, whereas if you live in the middle of a city surrounded by skyscrapers, in a town, or in the suburbs, the yang energy surrounding you will be quite strong.

What is the position of the sun in the morning in relation to where you awaken? If you open blinds at night in your bedroom, which stars can you see as you lie in bed? Can you see the moon from your bedroom? Is there too much light, or is it exactly right?

Yin is privileged in modern Feng Shui

A home’s yin characteristics are more highly prized than its yang characteristics. This is because, for many people, it represents a haven of peace and quiet where they may get away from the stresses of everyday life. Since more and more people are choosing to work from home, it’s important to create a more upbeat, yang atmosphere in the workplace. To counteract the prevailing yin energy in a home, yang colors and lighting can be used to great effect.

Why is it necessary to Keep some Yang Elements away and where?

Keep Yang out of places like the bedroom. The reason for this is that in the bedroom, yang objects such as electronics, televisions, stereos, and tools should be avoided because they can interfere with the designated function of the room. The bedroom is no place for these things. Put noisy things other places.

If you want to invite Yang energy to other parts of the house you should do so where there is a lot of traffic and movement. Wind chimes, bright lights, and metal decorations on the kitchen wall are all excellent methods to invite and promote good yang energy.


Thats the most I could do on yin and yang for feng shui. Ying and Yang pretty much encompasses really the core to understanding Feng Shui. By balancing the yin and yang energies in your home, you may improve the flow of Chi and boost your chances of feeling joy and making friends. By following these guidelines, you may ensure a harmonious beginning to your Feng Shui practice.

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