3 Goals of Alchemy

The 3 Goals of Alchemy have since been proven to not be possible. 

Why you ask?
Well first off here are the 3 goals of alchemy:

  1. Transforming common metals like lead and copper into more valuable ones like silver and gold
  2. Finding the Philosophers stone that would permit such transmutation
  3. Brewing up an immortal elixir of life that would provide the drinker with rejuvenation eternal youth to live forever!

The efforts put in to accomplish these feats are often referred to as the “Magnum Opus.” Alchemists believed that one metal could be transformed into another by recombining the fundamental components, which they viewed as earth, water, air, and fire, in varying proportions. 

This was called Transmutation!!!

Transmutation and the Elixir of Life couldn’t have been made without the Philosopher’s Stone. Many people thought that the Elixir of Life, also known as Aurum Potabile (drinkable gold), might grant them immortality if they drank it. To this day, alchemical literature and information continue to pique people’s interest and serve as a source of inspiration despite the lack of scientific proof supporting the practice.

But given that the science back then was lacking, it was a really bad idea to ever drink anything that an alchemist mixed up for you. 

1st Goal of Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold 

The alchemists get their general inspo from ancient texts by Hermes Trismegistus and other alchemical writers. They use a whole bunch of techniques to break down physical substances into their primary components, which they believe are earth, water, air, and fire. By recombining these primary components, they think they can change one metal into another. Kinda like a scientific baking recipe!

But that’s not all! Alchemy is also believed to produce new and previously unknown metal alloys and physical substances. Rumor has it that the legendary Emerald Tablet, where Hermes spilled all his alchemical knowledge, was even carved on a magical emerald tablet that can never be destroyed. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, some people believe that alchemists have actually succeeded in turning metals into gold in the past. To pull it off, they need a mysterious substance called the Philosopher’s Stone. Without it, their dreams of turning lead into gold might just be fool’s gold..

How do you turn lead into Gold?

In contemporary times, it has been found that lead can be converted into gold. Sadly only really in small quantities. Most certainly not through the ancient practice of alchemy. This process is known as nuclear transmutation, which involves utilizing a particle accelerator to alter the atomic structure of an element and transform it into another.

Watch this guy actually turned Lead into Gold!

2nd. Finding the Philosophers Stone

I’ll tell you about the philosopher’s stone. First off this is the second goal of the 3 goals of alchemy. In fact I think I’d call it alchemy’s most sought-after and mysterious substance! In alchemy, “the tincture” or “the powder” was like a unicorn—no one understood what it was, but everyone wanted it!

What is the purpose of Philosophers Stone?

Alchemists believed the philosopher’s stone could turn base metals into gold and silver. For this matter I’d say Alchemists attempted Midas-level wizardry! Naturally they sought this illusive substance to become rich and famous.

The philosopher’s stone was multifaceted. Alchemists thought it could grant perpetual life. Yes, they believed this unknown chemical could give them eternal life.

Why would anyone believe this? Alchemy was once considered a science, and people believed they could convert lead into gold with the appropriate ingredients. Who doesn’t want to be rich and immortal?

That’s the philosopher’s stone story. Even though we know lead can’t be turned into gold, it’s fun to fantasize having a little magic in our lives. Maybe we’ll find the philosopher’s stone and become the world’s richest and longest-lived!

There are lots of dope public domain images for “Alchemy” and “hermetics” online

3rd Goal of Alchemy: Elixir of Life

From Chinese Feng Shui Taoist Magick to European Shamanism, alchemists sought the elixir of life formula.

How to make the elixir of life?

Ancient alchemists believed mercury, sulfur, and salt could create the elixir of life. Doesn’t it sound like witches’ brew? More.

Alchemists didn’t think making the elixir of life was physical. There was also a spiritual and intellectual change. They believed that only a spiritually transformed person could create the elixir of life. So, you needed both chemistry skills and enlightenment. High standards!

The elixir of life may seem like an ancient fable, but wait. Modern chemistry developed from alchemists’ methods. I mean, we get almost all of our medical pharmacological stuff from the chemistry that was born out of alchemy.

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