What is Zen Beginner Mind?

Zen mind beginners’ mind makes sense even if you’re learning at a more advanced level. But I don’t know if Zen even has levels to it.

What does Zen Mind Beginners mind even mean?

It means one should approach the topic with the same enthusiasm, openness, and lack of preconceived notions that a beginner would have. This is what is meant by the phrase “beginner’s mind.” The study of Zen Buddhism makes particularly extensive use of the word.

 Zen is as relevant to the West as it is to the East is what he is getting at. I don’t know what that means. It made sense when I wrote it.

The core teachings and practices of zen are:

 Zen was realy heavilty influenced by Dogen, one of Zen Buddhism’s most influential and original figures in the religion’s long history. I think his teachings are just critical for Spiritual awakening.

Zen mind just another example of the mystery traditions that Zen masters employ to redirect attention from within. This is done in order to make one look beyond the phrases themselves. To divest signifiers of the things that they signify. This causes you to ponder what surface means.

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Soshin: The Epitome of Beginners Mind

Shoshin is a remedy for the arrogance and narrow-mindedness which keeps us from the realization of the self.  Toxic egoism comes with believing oneself to be an expert in a certain field. That also has to do with understanding and communion with the self. The beginner’s mind “Soshin” is the state of mind when one has the beginning to “know thyself.” Zen mind, beginner mind is important for knowing the self through unknowing. This is because in the ignorance of beginners’ minds, nothing can be misrepresented.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so meaning?

-Mark Twain

A propensity to assume what really we consider is factual while, in reality, it is only opinion, which means that it is not always accurate.

An anecdote to the Robopathology

A ‘Robo’ is a robot, an automaton, a person whose life is routine and uninteresting who never tries anything new and who plods along anyway. He’s able to meet the challenges of the here and now, but he’s never been able to rise to the task of eternity.

Attitude of Zen Mind, Beginners Mind

“dhyana prajna paramita,” = Zen Practice’

“To give is non-attachment,”


Simply said, generosity is detaching oneself from all externals. It is irrelevant what is provided. “Dana prajna paramita” might refer to anything from a single coin or leaf to a whole lecture or even just a single word of instruction.

Learning about Buddhism is not about learning about Buddhism; rather, it is about learning about ourselves. It is not feasible to study oneself without the guidance of an instructor.

The sitting position used in Zen meditation is a discipline in and of itself, but it also carries a more profound allegorical connotation.


Satori Discovered

Satori is a profound and transformative experience that can bring a sense of clarity and enlightenment. It’s a moment of sudden realization or understanding that can completely shift your perspective and bring a new level of awareness to your life.

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