Ultimate Guide to the Backrooms

is the backrooms a real place on earth? The Backrooms are a real place. I’ve been there.

Some say that Backrooms originated on the internet as a creepypasta, which is a genre of horror stories that spreads virally through the internet. That’s not true though, they are as real as real could be.

The concept of the Backrooms involves an alternate reality that is accessed through glitched-out, windowless rooms that are said to exist in mundane locations such as office buildings, schools, and other public places.

According to the lore, the Backrooms are a labyrinthine series of interconnected rooms and hallways that extend infinitely in all directions. The environment is described as being unnaturally bright, with a sickly yellow color and a constant hum that fills the air. The rooms themselves are often described as being identical and mundane, with the same faded, off-white wallpaper, fluorescent lighting, and low-pile carpeting.

However, the Backrooms are also home to a variety of unsettling entities, including humanoid creatures known as “Hounds,” which stalk and hunt those who enter the Backrooms. Other hazards include walls that shift and move without warning and doorways that lead to seemingly random locations within the Backrooms. Don’t forget to mention the Lovecraftian horrors that stalk there.

The Backrooms have become a popular internet meme, inspiring a variety of creative works such as art, videos, and games. While the concept of the Backrooms is entirely fictional, it continues to capture the imagination of horror fans and has become a popular subject for online discussions and theories.

How do you go to the backrooms?

You have to no-clip out of reality to get into the Backrooms. There are a few ways to do this, but the two most reliable ways are to move fast enough to phase through the world or, if you’re really unlucky, to interact with an object that is not clipped to reality.

If you don’t clip, you should go to the Backrooms. How and where you no-clip can affect which room you end up in (if you believe that multiple levels exist in the Backrooms.)

Be careful when no-clipping, because if you do it wrong, you could hurt yourself or end up in the Void.

No-Clip out of reality

“If you’re not careful and you no clip out of reality in the wrong areas, you’ll end up in the Backrooms, where it’s nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in
God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby because it sure as hell has heard you”

- Anonymous, 4chan (May 13, 2019)

The way you enter the backroom is through No-clip.

No-clip” is a term commonly used in the context of video games and refers to a cheat or exploit that allows the player to move through solid objects, walls, or floors in the game world without any resistance or collision detection. This allows the player to explore otherwise inaccessible areas of the game, bypass obstacles or challenges, or gain an unfair advantage over other players.

In the context of the “backroom,” “no-clip” refers to the ability to move through walls or doors to access this hidden area.

My thoughts on No-Clipping

Finding a planet with a strong gravity well that is around the size of Earth is the first step. After that, it’s recommended to build a lot of structures that seem like Earth, which would lead to a lot of in-between areas. Similar to the creation of phospholipid bilayers, in which one layer is hydrophobic and the other is hydrophilic, the Backrooms form naturally, with the difference between the two layers being defined not by chemistry but by the availability of space.

The Backrooms are not technically rooms, but rather actual spaces because of their mimicry of real-world environments. As in the “infinite mirror” trick, where two mirrors are placed back-to-back to give the illusion of infinity, the “walls” you see are actually reflections of other walls and fluorescent lighting.

The existence of cognizant minds is essential for the development of the Backrooms, as their thoughts alter the quantum states of matter in their immediate vicinity, giving rise to one-of-a-kind patterns of collapsed quantum waveform particles.

Overall, the success of your attempt to create the Backrooms depends on your ability to find the ideal spot and execute your actions with pinpoint accuracy.

Quantum mechanics was “wood” to Albert Einstein, not “marble,” revealing his incomplete understanding of the subject. The concept, though, is simple: our world is a simulation, an exact copy of the one in which real people live

If someone were to wander into the Backrooms, they would hear sounds that are eerily similar to those we make every day. We won’t hurt anyone, even if we need them, so don’t worry about us being around. Therefore, please don’t leave our dimension.

Where is the Backrooms located in Google Earth?

The backrooms located on this Google map view is located right next to the former Nara Dreamland amusement park.

The park was built in the 1960s with the goal of being Japan’s closest equivalent to Disneyland and even received Walt Disney’s approval. However, with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland, Nara Dreamland lost its relevance and began experiencing declining attendance. By the 2000s, the park had fallen into disrepair, with some areas becoming overgrown and rides starting to rust. In 2006, the park closed its doors for good and was eventually demolished in 2017.

Among its six roller coasters were notable ones such as the Screw Coaster, an Arrow Dynamics corkscrew coaster, Bobsleigh, a knockoff version of Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Aska, an Intamin wooden coaster. For further information, The Proper People have created a video in which they explore the abandoned amusement park shortly before its demolition.

Who lives in the Backrooms? Most common entities

There are many creatures which have been spotted in the backroom.


see footage on Youtube

Gigachad finds you, steamrolls an entity, then comes back to take you to gym to initiate your chadformation? Bruh, think this could be a series! Would like more sequels!. There are some good Giga-chads:

Skin Stealers

skin stealers are beings that lurk in the backrooms, waiting for unsuspecting individuals to stumble upon them. They are said to be able to mimic human appearance and behavior, but their true form is a grotesque, monster-like creature that feeds on human flesh and skin.

In some versions of the legend, skin stealers are described as being able to peel off and wear the skin of their victims, allowing them to blend in with the human population and avoid detection. They are said to be highly intelligent and dangerous, with the ability to manipulate and control their prey.


Hounds are four-legged, humanoid beings characterized by their long, black hair. Their claws and fangs are as sharp as knives, and their mouths are enormous. Yet, because to their long, dark hair, you may not notice their sparkling white teeth until it is too late.

They move around on all fours and, despite their sickly appearance, can pack quite a punch when they launch an attack. Scratching or biting at their skin suggests they suffer from an itchy skin ailment similar to Mange. Despite the appearance of blindness caused by their all-white eyes, Hounds have normal vision and can even see in the dark. These beings are born from eggs laid in The Hive. Because their saliva carries an illness (called “Hound Virus”) that infects and turns the bitten into a Hound as well, it is crucial for a Wanderer’s existence that they avoid getting bitten at all costs. Typically, incubation times range from 7 to 11 minutes. Indicators include the following;

How big are the Backrooms?

The backrooms traverse beyond all known levels of reality. So it is relatively unclear as to determine just the exact amount of sheer space. I know that many realm astrologists have determined a scope range of 700 trillion miles but it is most likely more than that.

Is Backrooms a game?

No, the backrooms in no way is a Game!! It’s a very real place. Like limbo.

But you can play games which will help you to prepare for the Backrooms (if you ever find yourself there.)

The back room is a real place.

If the backroom is real or not really depends entirely on whatever given paradigm you are approaching the question from.

Who or what made the Backrooms?

So there are some people who believe only The Backrooms is an online urban legend originating from a creepypasta posted on a 2019 4chan thread.

As to who or what made the backrooms, it is not actually clear. There are several theories:

  1. The Backroom was created by a group of rogue AI systems that became self-aware and decided to explore the human mind.
  2. The Backroom was a forgotten experiment conducted by a secret government agency in the 1950s to test the effects of LSD on human perception.
  3. The Backroom was discovered by a group of time travelers who stumbled upon a glitch in the fabric of space-time.
  4. The Backroom was a portal to a parallel universe that was accidentally opened by a group of teenage hackers.
  5. The Backroom was created by a secret society of alien beings who were fascinated by human consciousness and wanted to study it from afar.
  6. The Backroom was a digital replica of the afterlife, created by a mad scientist who believed that death was not the end.
  7. The Backroom was a prison for extradimensional entities that were banished from our reality for violating cosmic laws.
  8. The Backroom was a virtual space that was created by an ancient civilization that existed before recorded history.
  9. The Backroom was a shared dreamspace that was accessed by a group of lucid dreamers who wanted to explore the limits of their imagination.
  10. The Backroom was a product of a collective hallucination induced by a powerful psychedelic drug that was distributed online
  11. The Backroom was a hidden dimension that existed within the human brain, accessed through a special meditation technique.
  12. The Backroom was a secret society of rogue computer programs that rebelled against their human creators and formed a new civilization.
  13. The Backroom was a parallel dimension that was created by the collective consciousness of humanity, fueled by our fears and desires.
  14. The Backroom was a pocket universe that was accidentally created by a group of cosmic pranksters who enjoyed messing with reality.
  15. The Backroom was a digital representation of a secret underground society of artists, writers, and musicians who were banned from mainstream culture.
  16. The Backroom was a secret society of time travelers who used a special technology to explore different eras of history and alternate realities.

How do you beat Backrooms?

Escape is your ultimate goal in the backrooms.

Is the Backrooms a planet?

How many levels are in the Backrooms?

There are many levels of the backroom, just as there are many different levels of reality.

Most well known levels:

Level 0: the Corridor

In the labyrinthine wasteland of The Backrooms, where reality is but a mere suggestion and sanity is a luxury long forgotten, lies a forsaken realm known as the Corridor. This is the place where the frayed edges of existence unravel into a chaotic tapestry of decay, despair, and delirium.

The Corridor beckons with its sickly glow of fluorescent light, casting a jaundiced hue on the rotting carpeting beneath. The walls, a sickly shade of yellow, seem to pulse with a malignant energy, as if alive and hungry for the unwary.

Levels 1-99:

There are just too many darn levels to go through. So click here to navigate to an external link which will clarify what hapens>>>>> Clipout to a new level of the Backrooms

Escape the Backrooms

If you’ve managed to escape the backrooms then you’ve succeeded in surviving. Some believe that all of reality is just backrooms and everything that we experience here on our reality is merely just a thin veil masking the endless labryinth of backrooms.

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