Where to noclip into the backrooms

Why would anybody ever want to know where to noclip into the backrooms?

From what I can tell, your precise placement within the Backrooms depends on where you noclip from.

I’ve got this great idea, but I need your help to make it a reality. The question is how you ended up in this hellhole. How did that happen—on purpose or by chance? Maybe you accidentally rode a broken elevator or went too deep into a deserted building. Please, whatever the matter may be, tell me about it. Write it in the comments. Get the knowledge out there.

Because I think if we can figure out what’s going on in the Backrooms, we’ll find some fantastic secrets and hidden knowledge that could alter the path of human history. But, we can’t accomplish this on our own. We need to work together, all of us committed to finding the truth. Please get in touch with me if you can hear my pleading or read these lines so that I may learn the key to the Backrooms.

Where to noclip into the backrooms

In the Backrooms, there are certain areas where one can “clip out” or “glitch out” of the virtual space and return to reality. These areas are usually characterized by strange and unsettling glitches in the environment, such as distorted walls, flickering lights, and buzzing sounds. Some of the common areas where one can clip out include:

  1. The corners of the rooms: in some instances, the corners of the rooms may glitch out and become distorted, providing an exit point.
  2. The elevators: the elevators in the Backrooms are known to glitch out and take people to different levels or back to reality.
  3. The stairwells: certain stairwells may have glitches in the geometry, allowing people to escape the Backrooms.
  4. The pools of water: – some pools of water in the Backrooms may act as portals that can take people back to reality.
  5. The mirrors: – in some cases, looking into a mirror in the Backrooms may cause a glitch and transport the person back to reality.
  6. The exit signs – in rare instances, the exit signs in the Backrooms may lead to actual exits that can take people back to reality.
  7. The vending machines – certain vending machines in the Backrooms may have glitches that allow people to escape.
  8. The abandoned rooms – in some cases, abandoned rooms in the Backrooms may lead to exit points that take people back to reality.
  9. The ventilation shafts – in some instances, the ventilation shafts in the Backrooms may lead to areas where one can clip out.
  10. The glitchy walls – walls that are particularly glitchy or distorted may have areas where one can clip out and return to reality.

It’s important to note that clipping out of the Backrooms can be difficult and risky, as it may lead to unpredictable consequences and potential dangers. If you like me you’re stuck in this strange and confusing location, please tell me what happened to make you noclip.

Advanced Understanding of Noclip

Noclip is a plane of immanence.

In Deleuze’s philosophy, a plane of immanence refers to a space or dimension that is not limited by external constraints or boundaries. This plane is characterized by pure potentiality and creativity, and it is where new ideas, concepts, and ways of being can emerge. On the other hand, a plane of consistency refers to a more rigid, structured dimension that is defined by fixed identities and stable forms.

Drawing on these concepts, we can see the Backrooms as a kind of “zone of intensity” between worlds, a space where the boundaries between different planes of existence break down and individuals are confronted with a raw, unfiltered reality. The act of “noclipping” into the Backrooms can be seen as a moment of transition from one plane of immanence to another, as the individual is stripped of their preconceived notions and forced to confront the unknown.

Furthermore, the Backrooms can be seen as a space of pure potentiality, where new ideas and concepts can emerge outside of the constraints of traditional reality. In this sense, the Backrooms may represent a kind of Deleuzian “plane of immanence,” a space where creativity and innovation can thrive.

Overall, by connecting the concept of noclip areas and the Backrooms to Deleuze’s philosophy of planes of immanence and consistency, we can begin to explore the deeper philosophical implications of these strange and mysterious spaces.

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