Is Greed Good?

In an age when capitalists roam the earth, it bares us a great self-service to ask ourselves is greed good? Capitalism is based entirely around this one somewhat nefarious concept? Serving rational self-interest.  Greed as we all know it is the moral core of our civilization.  It’s virtually understood as

9 Most Annoying Cult Recruitment Techniques

Cult recruitment techniques are highly effective.  Granted these tactics are controversial. I mean, what more could one expect from the business of buying and selling religion?  Religious brokers have always deployed the highest level of scum sucker trickery that has endured throughout centuries.  Let’s face it though, religion is a

Black Magic Removal

Black Magic is the use of evil or selfishness against another human being. It can negatively affect the receiver and cause unwarranted trouble. If you believe you have been placed under a curse or black magic, do not automatically move to a place of fear and worry. Although black magic

What’s The Difference Between Buddhist And Transcendental Meditation?

The common person may think meditation techniques are all the same, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are hundreds of different ways/techniques to meditate, some best known than others. One of the most famous meditation techniques comes from Buddhism and, today, it has become much more than

Do it Right! Zazen Meditation Posture

To learn a zazen meditation posture is not hard.  It is the very core of Zen practice.  Actually Zen itself is the “meditation” form of Buddhism.  According to Alan Watts Zazen is the seated form of Buddhist practice.  There isn’t just one sort of zen practice, however. Zazen by all


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