What is God Exactly?

What is God anyway? We have a real problem on our hands about defining the divine.  Definitively pinpointing what god is, is a difficult quest to undertake.  There are so many different answers. Although there are many different creeds they all ultimately universally define God in one manner.  God is

spiritual art islamic emoji with a hijab

How Does Art Relate to Spirituality and Religion?

Is there a special relationship between Art and spirituality? How does religious art fit into this picture? The first art was religious and used highly spiritual imagery.  It was made on caves miles deep within the earth, painting natural occurring cathedrals.  Chauvet Cave paintings are among the oldest examples of

Understanding Time Through the Art Magic of Om Kawara

When looking Om Kawara art I realized he is a master of contemporary art about time. Artists represent time to recount events about history and memory.  The Artist On Kawara painted a single date on his canvases to represent the day which the painting was created.  In Andy Warhol’s continuous real

Why is there pain and suffering in this world?

Why is there pain and suffering in this world?  The initial question is not simple. No attempt could definitely be made to answer it in so short a space. But I’ll do the best I can in this blog.      The question is also as old as humanity, and

Artist David Choe is My “Life” Guru

Wildly successful Artist David Choe is not just an artist ok, he is possibly downright the most interesting man in the world. David Choe is more than a painter or graffiti artist. As a matter of fact, I believe he’s gone to the next level of art. Choe has turned


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