The Cult Machine


Examples of Archetypes in Disney movies

   Examples of Archetypes in Disney movies are everywhere.  After all, Disney is kind of a mythology-based business anyway.  In fact, Disney himself chose these age-old folkloric classics. Ultimately archetypal stories are the driving forces behind the culture. In this sense folklore and Disney go hand in hand.   Archetypes

Is Transcendental Meditation A Religion?

Is transcendental meditation a religion? The answer is a no, yes, and it depends.  Make no mistake, however. Some would have you think that Transcendental meditation itself is merely a methodology for attaining an altered state of consciousness and nothing else.  However, TM is so much more than that. It

What Healthy Eating Means for Spiritual Awakening

My personal connection with diet and spirituality When I was 20 years old I broke out in psoriasis all over my body.  Normally psoriasis plaques mean there is some sort of chronic inflammation, so I went to the doctor.  Of course, he wanted to put me onto all sorts of

13 Fox News Propaganda Machine Strategies

  No organization on earth does brainwashing better than the Fox News propaganda machine.  The Fox effect has turned the conservative movement into a full-blown tin foil hat cult.  It’s all thanks to one man: Roger Ailes.  If you follow his methods, you can be a master propagandist as well.  

Marketing Dark Arts: Propaganda Techniques for Mass Hypnosis

 I congratulate you on inquiring about the dark arts, “Propaganda Techniques for mass hypnosis.” You are certainly not the timid sort of prudish imp with a moral compass to be coming here.  To clarify my stance on this; I believe propaganda is for marketers who are winners.  Though it’s been


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