The Cult Machine


Rick and Morty True Level Explained

So you want to have Rick and Morty true level explained?  To me, it’s pretty clear. The Rick and Morty true level scene from season 3 episode 8 “Morty’s Mind Blowers” is an essentialist analogy.   Essentialism assumes that the being of particulate reality corresponds to an impermeable perfect reality.   See

How to Start a Tiger Cult Like Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’

What cult business secrets can we learn from ‘Big Cat Rescue’ and the ‘Tiger king?’ The Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’ exposes the grimy underworld of private zoos and big cat rescues.  These strange organizations don’t function like normal businesses, however.  I would say that a normal business sails ‘close to

Alan Moore: The Artist is Shaman

The Birth Of Alan Moore the Magician: The Magic Practicing Artist Alan Moore is a writer with very bizarre acclaim to his fame.  He came out at the age of 40 and I don’t mean he came out of the closet.  On his 40th birthday, he came out to his

#1 Secret from the Ancient Hindu Gods of Fortune

  So you want to take a hint from the ancient gods of fortune, do you?  It’s mythology also replete with ancient and secret wisdom.  It doesn’t matter if you are an atheist, Christian, Buddhist or Muslim you too can learn how to harness ancient powers of wealth for success

What is Cultural Identity?

What is cultural identity?  Cultural identity is basically just the way in which you structure your personality around a set of shared traditions, norms, values, symbols, etc.  It’s deeply personal & integral to help you understand yourself better. It’s all about you yet it’s funny to say, “you get it

What is a Cult? Why Society Should Rethink its Definition.

I often ask myself what is a cult? A cult is a relatively small group of people who have religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Cults are emergent religious movements. They stand in relation to longer traditions.  This is the standard definition as sited by


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