What Happens When We Die? What All The World Religions Say

This is the all-time great, and probably the first, million-dollar question – What happens when we die? I can clearly picture the first humans. Gathering around a recently-discovered fire, amicably discussing the news, when someone dropped the bomb. “Hey, guys, what do you think that happens when we go to

12 Business Temples Prove Capitalism Is A Religion

Beautiful buildings and religion seem to go hand in hand.  For example just look at European architecture.  All of those old buildings, however, are made in the name of religion. We in America still see this “Godly” sort of detail in the buildings around us.  That same beauty, however, is

How To Combine Meditation And Jogging

 Making Meditation and Jogging a Habit In our modern society the busy world which we live in can let multi-tasking be difficult. The positive lifestyle choices that we want to make often get overrun by things like career, family, friends etc. I know this personally. I’ll often set plans to

Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul

Straight Pride Parade Identity Politics

    At the time of this article, it’s June 2019 and we are celebrating our beloved Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual and Queer community. Hence the name LGBT. Nowhere in there is there an “S” for Straight. Yet, popping up more and more among the headlines we are seeing the

15 Examples Of How Science Fiction Became Reality

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarines Before Sean Connery was cruising in the “Red October” the submarine was just a figment of the collective Imagination. Sure there were a few attempts at underwater transport vessels throughout history.  But the many attempts at it were relatively poor to say the least. 

Kewpie Doll Tattoo Symbolism

 Those little kewpie doll tattoos are just so loveable, aren’t they? He is always smiling, even in the darkest of times. Kewpie is always happy just to be a part of your skin.  However innocuous he is, the Kewpie doll tattoo symbolism is a very powerful image to add to your


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