Lead with your reason run with your passions

-High Inquisitor Orion


Temple of Omnitheist pop-Hinduism


Gods manifest in many forms. God is all reality and all reality is God.



Wish masters:  Prismo

Alladin Genie

Monkeys Paw

HOw to use the monkeys paw pop-shamanism.

1. Print out monkeys paw and cut along the edges.

2. the goal of a monkeys paw is to counter act the ironic twist that comes with wishing. (example: see Rick and Morty)

3. To counter act this you must write your manifest Either Rick Sanchez (in his curse purge plus manifestation or Prismo)

Focus your energy onto these two images. Keep in mind the specificity needed in creating manifestation and bless a piece of paper with which you will write your desires down.

Three goals for this week.  Be super specific and make them easy. ( something you’ve been putting off and putting off) Have the day that you will have it done.


Wish A.  Go to the Gym tuesday at 12

Wish B. Eat one Salad

Wish C. Call my grandma

As you progress your wishes may become more and more elaborate.

WARNING!  Do not use a MOnkeys paw twice in one week.  As you progress with the monkey paw your ability to carry out these specific wishes will become more and more greater and the trick with a monkeys paw is to put your goals into perspective of importance.  To overdo it will drain you of your psychic energy.  So after your monkey paw is complete allow one week before you use another.