Welcome to a new age of Dating. Tests your evolutionary fitness to enter a pool of dating, for only the humans with the most superior genetic traits. 



The first stage in qualifying begins with gene analysis to weed out any unwanted hereditary traits.


The second part of the process requires an I.Q. test which will range the candidate in a 120-130 mark above average.


Proper tags for fittness will include, B.M.I, Somatotype body forms as well as height and other desirable traits.


Only those who have met the golden ratio in facial bi-fitness will pass through to the final phase and be matched.

Dedication to Diversity and Racial inclusivity.

Voluntary Eugenics

Since the human genome was sequenced, the science is clear.   Human race does not classify into sub-species. This means that superior traits are not relegated to any one ethnicity.   Rather all humans are the same species and the traits intrinsic for superiority are inherent in all world races.  

“Modern genetics studies never made selectively breeding more humane!”
-Dr. Obelisk

“After passing all 4 criteria for Dr.Obelisks E-genics, I passed with  !”

Diane Jones

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“I’m African 6’4 with super chizzled features, no genetic defects in my family and an I.Q of over 145.  I don’t want to mix my genes with someone of inferior genetic quality. Thanks to Dr.Obelisks quality control I can rest assured that my spawn will be superior Alphas.”

Carl Correa

“Talk about a cool Insruance company! Everything is online and if you do need to speak to someone for help, it’s like talking to a friend!”

Leonie Vega

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Sign up and you’ll receive a commentary for the 1st Test in the form of DNA sequencing.  We’ll sequence your genes to tell you if your health profile matches our criteria.  Pending this you’ll then me transferred to the next tiers of the quality control process.  

Our quality control is highly specialized.  Most dating sites flood their site with fake bots.  Using science, we match your genetic profile to a person who meets the criteria.  

Humans are getting dumber, fatter and lazier.  We ensure that people who have superior traits associated with Health, Fitness, IQ and Beauty do not need to mix their superior genes with the beta population.  

Unfortunately much of the criteria which we match for is based on non-fungible genetic information.  However there are a few exceptions.  

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