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What is Cultural Identity?

What is cultural identity?  Cultural identity is basically just the way in which you structure your personality around a set of shared traditions, norms, values, symbols, etc.  It’s deeply personal & integral to help you understand yourself better. It’s all about you yet it’s funny to say, “you get it

Symbol of the Zoroastrian faith. Zarathustra with wings

Why You Can’t Convert to Zoroastrianism

.   You might have just heard about the re-emergence of Zoroastrianism among the Kurds of Iraq and you’re now wondering to yourself “can I convert to Zoroastrianism?” So the short and sweet answer is a resounding…no. You can’t convert to Zoroastrianism.  By happenstance, the Zoroastrian faith is based on

Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul

Straight Pride Parade Identity Politics

    At the time of this article, it’s June 2019 and we are celebrating our beloved Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual and Queer community. Hence the name LGBT. Nowhere in there is there an “S” for Straight. Yet, popping up more and more among the headlines we are seeing the


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