WTF Entertainment: Omega Mart

Behold, my curious reader, I implore you to contemplate for a moment the number of truly creative and original things you have laid your eyes upon today. Alas, the answer may elude you. But fret not, for I bring you tidings of Omega Mart – a revolutionary entertainment destination nestled

Is there a Purer form of English?

What is linguistic purism in English? It’s ANGLISH!! Let’s face it, the English language is a tainted mess of Latin, Greek, French, and who knows what. It’s a bastardized cacophony of Inkhorn. Inkhorn: A loanword or a made-up word from established etymologies is said to be inkhorn if it is

Where to noclip into the backrooms

Why would anybody ever want to know where to noclip into the backrooms? From what I can tell, your precise placement within the Backrooms depends on where you noclip from. I’ve got this great idea, but I need your help to make it a reality. The question is how you

Ultimate Guide to the Backrooms

is the backrooms a real place on earth? The Backrooms are a real place. I’ve been there. Some say that Backrooms originated on the internet as a creepypasta, which is a genre of horror stories that spreads virally through the internet. That’s not true though, they are as real as

“Enter the Void: The Ultimate Backrooms Game is Here”

There’s a clue in the air, my friends, a tantalizing Easter Egg left behind by the Elder Gods. But beware, for our enemies lurk in the shadows, seeking to lead us astray with their nefarious schemes. The Backrooms Horror game will prepare you should you Clip out and find yourself