Neuroscience and Spirituality

The neurophysiological impacts of religious belief, however, are scientific realities that can be precisely studied. Whether or not a divine power actually exists may be a matter of opinion. Here, we examine some of these benefits as demonstrated by the most recent study. The impacts of religions on human minds

What is Satori in Zen Buddhism and How do I Achieve it?

I remember when I first achieved Satori consciousness.  There wasn’t a bell that rung in the back of mind, or a shimmering light that opened up in the heavens and shone down onto my head. As a matter of fact it was a very busy summer night while I was

10 Bulls of Zen images

Unlocking the 10 Bulls of Zen Subliminal Secrets

What are the 10 bulls of Zen? The ten bulls of Zen are a series of sacred images said to so perfectly depict the archetypal journey of spiritual awakening, that any who can meditate on them and unlock their esoteric meanings will level up their spirit power to achieve the

What is the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion?

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?  Religion refers to how individuals engage to the sacred and divine in social, public, and organized ways, whereas spirituality refers to how individuals interact to the sacred and divine in private, personal, and even in ways. Is it Possible to Make Such

What is White Magic?

What is White Magic? White magic has long been associated with the employment of supernatural abilities or magic for the benefit of others.  Many are able accomplish things from knowledge or power passed down through family or as a result of an incident in their life. Healing, blessings, charms, incantations,

7 Magic Abilities

Those who practice witchcraft tend to prefer to not using the term “special powers.” We do not have special powers as is often portrayed in the movies and on TV. To the contrary, we actually have skill sets or magical abilities. Different witches specialize in different areas. Some of us


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