How To Positive Charge Objects

Charging your items for use in magic or everyday life is incredibly important. We are all comprised of energy and when we hone into this energy, we can truly create change in our lives. And, with the assistance of using the energy of certain objects, such as crystals, we can More

The Meaning Behind the Evil Eye Tattoo

The evil eye is a symbol that has been around for centuries. It is believed to ward off bad luck and protect from harm. This blog post will explore the different meanings behind the tattoo, both ancient and modern. The Evil Eye Tattoo is a Spiritual Tattoo The symbol of More

How to Activate Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most popular crystals to work with for the Root Chakra and to combat negative energy, psychic attacks, depression, and anxiety (among so many other things). For anyone who ever picked up or felt bad vibes from people and places, or those who have found More

DIY “Protection Spell Jar” Magic: A Step by Step Guide

Why would you need a protection spell jar exactly? Well maybe you want to carry your magic around with you or you want to gift it to somebody. This is because a protection spell jar is a great way to capture your intentions and “bottle them up” so to say.  More

DIY Money Bowl Magic Spell: Step by Step Guide

How does a money bowl magic spell help you attract wealth? In the first place, money bowls don’t attract wealth, per se, neither do any magickal artifacts of the like for that matter.  What makes the difference between a ‘normal’ everyday object and an artifact of ‘magick’ is all about More

What the Black Evil Eye Means

The black evil eye is a protective amulet that wards off evil and bad luck. It’s also called the “guardian eye” or “mal de ojo.” The evil eye is usually used to protect against envy in particular but can guard against any form of bad influence or malevolent intention. In More

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