DIY “Protection Spell Jar” Magic: A Step by Step Guide

Why would you need a protection spell jar exactly? Well maybe you want to carry your magic around with you or you want to gift it to somebody. This is because a protection spell jar is a great way to capture your intentions and “bottle them up” so to say.  More

DIY Money Bowl Magic Spell: Step by Step Guide

How does a money bowl magic spell help you attract wealth? In the first place, money bowls don’t attract wealth, per se, neither do any magickal artifacts of the like for that matter.  What makes the difference between a ‘normal’ everyday object and an artifact of ‘magick’ is all about More

What the Black Evil Eye Means

The black evil eye is a protective amulet that wards off evil and bad luck. It’s also called the “guardian eye” or “mal de ojo.” The evil eye is usually used to protect against envy in particular but can guard against any form of bad influence or malevolent intention. In More

Secrets of Magick Mirrors

Mirror magick aka mirror magic is an ancient occult tradition that dates back centuries.  Scrying mirrors have been used for centuries and are surrounded by mystery and intrigue. If you are interested in scrying, this is an excellent guide to assist in getting you started. Here, we will be exploring the More

Guide to Dead Ancestors | Ancestor Worship Today

Ancestor Worship or Ancestral Veneration has been a cultural practice that occurs all around the world. It is present in many cultures and practices, like Mozambican religions (having remained a central point of dispute during the civil wars of the 20th century), or in Chinese and Korean traditions (where during More

12 Different Types Of Magic Every Adept Should Know

what are the different types of magic? Every practitioner of the dark arts  Let’s start with an obligatory and vague (Dictionary) definition. Magic – n. 1. the use of means (such as rituals) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces 2. a seemingly miraculous event or effect 3. something More

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