Ultimate Guide to the Backrooms

is the backrooms a real place on earth? The Backrooms are a real place. I’ve been there. Some say that Backrooms originated on the internet as a creepypasta, which is a genre of horror stories that spreads virally through the internet. That’s not true though, they are as real as

I Played the New Backrooms Game

There’s a clue in the air, my friends, a tantalizing Easter Egg left behind by the Elder Gods. But beware, for our enemies lurk in the shadows, seeking to lead us astray with their nefarious schemes. The Backrooms Horror game will prepare you should you Clip out and find yourself

How these 7 Quantum Anomalies Change Our Perspective on Reality

Quantum anomalies are a real phenomenon. Are our representations of the universe really that complete? There is more to the multiverse than just being our tiny little niche in the Milky way. Some people claim to have stepped into another dimension. Science fits into the scope of our knowledge but

Philosophers Stone Actually Existed, But Not Like You Think

Let’s just be clear. If the Philosopher’s Stone actually existed, turning lead into gold would only be a minor achievement. Enough about the goals of Alchemy. Did the Philosophers stone actually exist? “Philosophers stone” aka. “lapis philosophorum,” was believed to be a powerful magick artifact that could grant immortality. It

What Did Pythagoras Discover in India?

Did Pythagoras go to India? There are allegations that he went to India to Study the Veda in order to pursue his interests in mathematics and philosophy. However, I found conflicting evidence. Evidence both to back up these allegations is scant and um…not to. So, in this post, I will