Occult Jewellery A beginners Guide

Many people believe that wearing occult jewellery is black magic.   Is this true? What are the effects of wearing it?   This article will explore these questions and more to answer them, so you can make an informed decision before buying any occult jewellery yourself! View this post on More

Exorcism A Look at Spirituality in Today’s World

Exorcism is a topic that has been discussed for many hundreds of years. It’s the process of clearing an area or person from dark magic and evil spirits. The idea behind exorcism is to clear out bad energy by removing an unwanted ghost, often through religious rites performed by someone More

The Son of Sam David Berkowitz Satanic Cult

The Son of Sam is a nickname given to serial killer David Berkowitz and the murders he committed in New York City in the 1970s. It was coined by journalist Maury Terry, who first published his theory that Berkowitz operated as part of a cult of Satanists. The case has More

The Occult Pastors in Ghana

Why are there occult pastors appearing all over Ghana? It’s mainly because there has been a resurgence of occultism over the past few years and this is most likely due to the large influx of refugees from nearby countries such as Nigeria, who have brought their religious practices with them. More

What is the Difference Between Spiritual and Religious Beliefs

There are many differences between spiritual and religious beliefs Religion is usually associated with a specific belief system, whereas spirituality can be more personal or individualistic, focusing on the connection to oneself or nature. This article will look at the main distinctions between organized religion and spirituality in general and More

Siddhis Highest Eight Occult Powers: What You Need to Know

Occult powers are a fascinating topic, and they have been present in the world for centuries. However, with the rise of science and new religious movements that reject ancient Indian scriptures, many people today do not know much about them. This post aims to change that by outlining what occult More

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