10 Purification Rituals of Modern Culture

Purification rituals have been around for centuries, but few people really consider what they mean and why we do them in the first place. Here, we will be unlocking some of the meanings behind certain purification rituals, why we do them, and what a purification ritual is in the first More

What is Neoplatonism?

If the term Neoplatonism puzzles you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plato? Philosophy? Ancient Greece? Oh God please no, you may be thinking… But don’t close this page just yet, because you are about to find out an ancient tradition that connects many of today’s religious/philosophical/occultist practices. And you can More

Witchcraft in the Workplace

Can you bring Witchcraft in the workplace with you? the answer is: you certainly can. Witchcraft has been sparking waves and news headlines in striking numbers over the course of the past few years. With an influx in the term becoming a bit more accepted in our modern society, more More

Guided vs Unguided Meditation

So a lot of people have been wondering about what is the difference between guided meditation vs unguided meditation.  The answer is simple: Guided meditation utilizes a track or a guru who leads the mind through a series of meditative practices. An example of this would be this 5 minute More

Accurate Angels Based on Religion

What did Accurate angels really look like?  Well, flat out, they are terrifying.  There is an entire hierarchy of angels and all types of angels and their roles. Accurate angels are meant to invoke a sense of awe and wonder at the celestial dimension.  These images were carefully thought out More

Gnosticism vs Hermeticism Philosophy

Two new religious/philosophical movements gained footholds during late antiquity: Gnosticism and Hermeticism. And while they share a lot of similarities in their core beliefs, they are also quite different. Keep reading to find out what makes them unique in this brief guide: Gnosticism vs Hermeticism. But first…   What is More

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