The backrooms are a framework for understanding the wildness of reality. is it possible to leave the backrooms? Well if you follow these tips you’ll survive.

Shamans of the Machine like Tierzoo help us Gamers of the Machine to understand the necessary conditions of our gamer status. We’re all just gamers here in the Meta. Sanyassins may be a more accurate word .

1)Beware of the Pale Lady: Most Dangerous entity of the Backrooms

As we have seen in film scriptures one in particular called “Tales you tell in the Dark” based off of an old Kids book.

She is rare but very deadly. Beware.

There are Entities that haunt the Meta. They have the power to trap your organic form in a sort of time warp that can keep your Prana life force from exiting. It can keep your conscious form as it is now trapped in eternal torment for trillions of years where the suffering & tournament only ever can become more and more unbearable.


2)Keep Moving

The endless, yellow rooms of the Backrooms can make it difficult to find your way, but don’t stop or linger for too long in one place, or you risk getting lost.

A Sigma male got trapped in the backroom once.

3) Avoid falling into areas with a high likelihood of Noclip.

Avoid the backrooms all together!

In the Backrooms, “noclip” is a term that refers to the phenomenon of objects or entities passing through solid objects, such as walls or floors. This can be a particularly dangerous hazard in the Backrooms, as it can cause you to fall into areas that are otherwise inaccessible or even non-existent in our own reality.

To avoid falling into areas with a high likelihood of noclip, be sure to stay away from walls or floors that appear to be glitching or flickering. These may indicate that the fabric of reality is weak in that area and could potentially give way to a noclip. Additionally, be wary of any dark voids or gaps in the floor, as they could be a sign of a noclip. is it possible to leave the backrooms

If you do find yourself falling into a noclip, try to keep your wits about you and look for a way to escape. Sometimes, there may be an invisible platform or ladder that you can use to climb back up to the surface. Other times, you may need to find a way to glitch the system in order to get back to reality. Whatever you do, don’t give up hope and keep searching for a way out.

4)Learn to Dance fight

5)Stay focused:

Image by Etsy


6)Stay nourished & Hydrated

There are some sprints of the Backrooms that resolve into sanctuaries. Here is an image of a Mcdonalds in the backroom.

So is it possible to leave the backrooms without a full stomach? Surely you’ll die without food…and don’t call me surely.

7) Arm Thyself


The question of whether or not you can bring weapons or other things into the backrooms has been debated. However it is a definitive yes. Yes you can bring weapons into the backrooms. Because just as you Noclip into the backrooms and still keep your clothing, so too does anything you bring with you “noclip” into the backrooms with you.

There is little data as to whether or not there are actual weapons to be found in the backrooms themselves though. I found this article here, but it’s pretty empty. Some people claim to find broken bottles and stuff.

8) Go by your Instincts


Keeping a map or journal is completely useless anyway. Everybody knows that the labyrinth is constantly shifting. So Making a map or journal of your journey through the Backrooms can help you keep track of where you’ve been and avoid getting lost.

9) Be Silent


If you hear something, chances are it hears you. This is why it is imperative to be completley silent in the backrooms. Never freak out. You are technically being hunted. Though the Backrooms are so vast. Some can traverse it’s domain across a billion miles and never come upon so much as a hound.

10) Don’t Panic

If you panic you’re likely to stir up one of the many entities which prowl around the Backroom.

11) Noclip back into Reality

You have to find another zone of intensity. Another place where you can traverse this space. Mind you that it might land you on another plane of existence. But you can take your chances there too. The backrooms are an unforgiving dimension. Death might even be the best option. If you come upon The Pale Lady, you don’t have a chance.