As a manifestation of the God of Pleasure pop hinduism acknowledges the great image of Hedonism bot. Forever lounged on his sofa. He’s morphed into his relaxation. He is a pure moder representation of the God Bacchus or Dionyses. A perfect Murti for the practice of Psychomagic or meme magic.
The party God from our great Mythology of Adventure time. Amerikek Scholars praise how the Party God represents the transience of happiness. How worship of this magnificent diety is also a fleeting ephermeral experience and how partying can be seen as the embodiment of happiness and how happiness is also transient.
Our demonic mistress Slaanesh is the inverse of how our striving for pleasure can be a somewhat demonic force. Sometimes at the expense of others. But also with such voracious drive almost to the point of war, we are driven mercillessly by this great beast towards the objects of our desires.



The great demon awoken by our holy saint Father Disney, is a supreme catalyst of rapacious peace and happiness. It was in the twentienth century that a great Capitalist Scholar in the greatness of soul awoke this deity from the omni mind and bore form it a new consciousness across all human continents. The great demon who calls itself now “Mickey Mouse” in this form granted and bestowed our holy father Disney with great riches and wealth as long as he served him and his desires. The Demon born Mickey is a powerful spirit and awakens powerful psychic energy for all acolytes.